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And so we thought he was someone maybe pretty important.  And then we found out the history of his arrest and why he was there.  And he had gotten drunk and beat someone up.  He was just a regular prisoner like we would find at one of our county jails or something. 

Once he came over to the Hard Site he stopped eating.  And we had to pump him five to eight IVs a day, or bags of IV fluid a day just to keep him alive. 

[MEGAN AMBUHL GRANER, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE]  Gus was being verbally threatening and not following any directions.  Graner put the leash on him and then he crawled out on his own after that.  And then he handed the leash to Lynndie, and that's when he took the pictures.  And then the guy got up on his own after that.

Well, they were trying to say that she was dragging him, which never occurred.  I was there and I know it didn't happen.  It may have been unorthodox, but he came out of the cell and he didn't hurt anybody, and he didn't get hurt. 

[LYNNDIE ENGLAND, PRIVATE FIRST CLASS MILITARY POLICE] Graner had the camera in his cargo pocket, and he asked me and Ambuhl to come downstairs with him.  When he opened the door, Gus was in there.  He was naked.  He didn't want to stand up.  So that's why he brought the tie-down strap.  So he put it around his neck so he's going to make him crawl out.  And I guess when he got about half way out of the door, Graner told me to hold on to the tie-down strap.  So I did.  I just grabbed it.  You can see the slack on it. 

People say that I dragged him, but I never did. 

Graner took three pictures back to back. 

You can see Megan on the side, standing. 

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