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He would have never had me standing next to Gus if the camera wasn't there.  For a 95-100 pound female, short female at that, holding the strap that's attached to his neck, I'm dominating him.  Maybe that's what Graner was going for.  Maybe it was for documentation, maybe it was for his own amusement.  I don't know.  I don't know what was going through his head.  But he took it. 

[BRENT PACK, ARMY SPECIAL AGENT, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION] In all the years as a cop, I'd say over half of all my cases were solved because the criminal did something stupid.  Taking photographs of these things is that one something stupid. 

They gave me 12 CDs and said there is thousands of pictures from Abu Ghraib, we want you to find all of them that depict possible prisoner abuse or people that were in the area at the time the abuse was occurring.  And we need to know exactly when the pictures were taken.  The pictures spoke a thousand words but unless you know what day and time they're talking you wouldn't know what the story was. 

I startled lining pictures up based on subject matter, put these on a timeline so that the jury could see when did the incident begin and when did it end, and how much time lapsed inbetween these photographs. 

How much actual effort did these people put into what they were doing to the prisoners. 

Who else was there in the room at the time that it occurred.  How could all of this go on without anybody noticing it? 

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