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You know, there's like taxi cab drivers, and welders, and like bakers.  And they're at Abu Ghraib.  We had kids.  If we can't get the insurgent leader, we took their kid.  "Akbar, I have your son.  Your son is in jail.  Turn yourself in and we'll let your son go." 

I call that kidnapping. 

[SABRINA HARMAN, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE]  It got filled up so fast that we couldn't take the children out anymore, and they had to stay in their cells.  You feel bad for them holding a child for no reason, just because of who your father was.  You can only make their stay a little bit acceptable, I guess.  You give them all the candy from the MREs to make their time go by better, I guess.  But there's only so much you can do, so much you could feel. 

The lights went out in the prison, so here we are in the dark. 

I hear Misses!  Misses!  I go downstairs and flash my light on a 16 year old sitting down smacking ants. 

Now these ants are Iraqi ants.  Large.  So large they could carry the family dog while giving you the finger. 

All the ants in the prison came to this one boy's cell and decided to take over.  All I could do was spray Lysol. 

The ants laughed at me and kept going.

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