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[TIM DUGAN, CIVILIAN INTERROGATOR CACI CORPORATION]  The big word that always comes up for me is "surreal."  Everything that you saw, everything that was going on ... a bunch of unprofessional schmucks that didn't know their damn job all thrown together, mixed up with a big-ass stick, and what you get out of it is the shit you see on the news from Abu Ghraib.  It's disgusting.  It pisses me off.  Because the whole time we're screwing around, and not doing the damn job, Americans are dying. 

Abu G had been hit by a mortar barrage, killed two Americans and wounded about 16.  We went to do an interrogation on The Wolf cell leader of that group of people that mortared the prison.  There were two female specialists.  One was an interrogator, one was an analyst. 

They took all of his clothes off and got him totally naked, which we weren't supposed to do. 

When we got done with the interrogation I'm like, "So what's the scoop with the guy being naked?  I mean, what's going on?"  I'm trying to think how they put it.  Their position on the females, their subservient role in their culture and trying to break that down so they will cooperate with the female interrogator, they interrogate him nude.  I went back and I asked my section sergeant and he's like, "Yeah, we're not really supposed to do that but we let the females do some things like that, you know, to get over the Arab culture thing."  And I'm like, "You just said we weren't supposed to be doing that."  And he's like, "Well, they're allowed to do it, but you can't do it."  And I said, "Okay, what am I supposed to do?"  And he's like, "Well, you know, if I was you I wouldn't be around that kind of stuff."

25 Oct 2003, 1700

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