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[KEN DAVIS, SERGEANT MILITARY POLICE] It's not like they were trying to hide anything.  And that's what stands out to me. Because if you know you're doing something wrong, dead wrong, you're going to hide it.  You're going to do your best to conceal it so that people who know better don't see it.  As I walk in, here's a guy in his black P.T. shorts and T-shirt and shower shoes, and there's another guy off just with his pants and his shirt.  Each one had a naked detainee  Someone says, "We're MI, we know what we're doing."  And I'm like, "Okay."  You know, because I had no idea, they're not wearing rank, I don't know what rank these people are.

 Then they'll put their handcuffs above their heads and stretch them out that way, and stretch them out long, and then they started handcuffing them together.  And the whole time they're yelling "Confess!  Confess!  Confess!  You know you did it!  Tell us what you did!  Confess!"  Then they start handcuffing them into what seem to be simulated sexual positions. 

And I'm just like, I thought I had missed something.  Come to find out, what's going on is these guys were accused of raping a teenager inside the jail.  No military intelligence value  Cruz is yelling at him, "Get undressed!  Get undressed!"  Then the guy's like "No, mister, no!"  So after they're undressed they throw water down on the floor and they make them low-crawl, make him try to drag his genitals onto the concrete.

 And I'm like, "What is going on here?"  I said, "Is this the way you all interrogate people?"  And he goes, "There's lots of different ways we interrogate people.  So I said, "I had enough."  And I left. 

The next morning, the lieutenant's right out back and I said, "Sir, Military Intelligence over at the Hard Site, they are doing some pretty weird things with those detainees."  He told me I had no business being over there.  And he also told me, "Stay out of MI's way and let them do their job." 

[ROMAN KROL, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE INTERROGATOR] Okay, on the right, in black trunks, is Cruz. 

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