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That's humiliating.  People laugh at that. 

[TIM DUGAN, CIVILIAN INTERROGATOR CACI CORPORATION]  So I go back home to my prison cell, and I've got one of the TERPS, interpreter, sitting outside waiting on me.

And he's like "Mr. Dugan I'm so pissed.  I'm just so pissed.  I'm pissed off.  The General that you guys did, he wanted to tell us where Ezai was."   "Well, that's great."  And he's like, "No, the interrogator wouldn't ask him where Ezai was."  He's the vice-president of Iraq, Saddam's no. 2 guy.  Ten times the General said, "I'll tell you where Ezai is."  And then he never asked the question. 

[SABRINA HARMAN, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE] He was standing just in front of his cell at attention.  I mean, he wasn't handcuffed or anything.  He was like a grandfather.  Very respectful.  They shaved his eyebrows for some reason and he was so upset.  And I told him not to worry, that it made him look younger.  I just felt really bad for the guy. 

[TIM DUGAN, CIVILIAN INTERROGATOR CACI CORPORATION] Four days later we were going to do him, and the army kid takes off the sandbag and the dude looks like Yoda.  I mean, he's got no eyebrows; he's got no hair.  I'm like "Who the hell is that?" And he's like, "Mr. Frickin' General."  And I'm like "Bullshit!"  I thought he was playing a joke on me.  "Damn it, I don't want this bullshit, I want to do this guy and I want to get this stuff," and he's like "This is the frickin' General!  I'm not kidding you!"  I never got him.  That General wouldn't say nothing else about him.  He had a serious resolve that he wasn't going to cooperate anymore. 

[JAVAL DAVIS, SERGEANT MILITARY POLICE]  We got promoted from babysitters to condition setters.  We got implemented into the plan.  The Military Intelligence people would come up there and say, "Hey, play music at this time.  Play it loud and if you got to, take the megaphone and stick it right in front of the door and turn it all the way up so the guy can't pray, he can't sleep, totally disorient him."  So I played this song called "Hip hop hooray" over and over and over again.  So "Hip hop hooray, ho!"  That's what it sound like.  After a while the Iraqis were saying, "Hey!  Ho!"  This is not working.  So I changed it, and I put on heavy metal music.  I put on Metallica. Like, "Enter the Sandman."  It's a very loud song.  Then they were screaming like "Ah, I don't like it!"  But after a while they were numb to that.  I guess they were so deaf from the guitar that they were able to sleep.  Uh, go figure. 

I put on country music.  That worked.  They couldn't stand it.  Like, "Oh, my God!  Allah, Allah!  Cut it off!"  By the time the interrogators would come to take them out of their cells, they were more than ready to go.  Like, "Please take me." 

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