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[JEFFREY FROST, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE] Sometimes M.I. would come in, say, "Hey, we're going to interrogate this guy today.  Get him out and you can start soften him up a little bit.  Scream at him; yell at him; make him do P.T.; handcuff him in an awkward position for a while. 

Completely strip him and have a female do it, because that would embarrass the person or humiliate them even more." 

[LYNNDIE ENGLAND, PRIVATE FIRST CLASS MILITARY POLICE] We didn't kill 'em.  We didn't cut their heads off.  We didn't shoot 'em.  We didn't cut 'em and let them bleed to death.  We just did what we were told to soften 'em up for interrogation. 

And we were told do anything short of killing them.  We'd make them stand in awkward positions for hours at a time to stress 'em out and to strain 'em.  And we would have them crawl up and down the tier.  We'd pour cold water on 'em. 

[MEGAN AMBUHL GRANER, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE] Point at him and laugh at him while he was in the shower naked.  Shower him with all his clothes on.  Cut off all of his clothes with a knife.  Burn him with a cigarette.  We'd just do what they wanted us to do.  If they want us to P.T. the guy, that's what we do.  If they want us to keep him up, that's what we do.  They say, "I want him to be awake."  They say, "He's dirty, I want him to shower a lot."

Q.  Did any of this seem weird?

[MEGAN AMBUHL GRANER, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE]  Not when you take into account that we're being told that that's helping to save lives, and you see that people are coming in from right outside the wire with their body parts missing, and they need to know who's doing it so they can stop it.  And these are your battle buddies. 

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