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There was a guard log where they recorded incidents that occurred at the jail.  It actually confirmed that the timeline was accurate.

 Sabrina Harman's camera thought it was 2002.  I had to adjust her camera one year, nine months, 11 hours, 29 minutes.  Fredericks and Graner's were only seven or eight hours off.

 [TIM DUGAN, CIVILIAN INTERROGATOR CACI CORPORATION]  Nobody really got any intelligence there.  Very few of us.  Most of our interrogators were 18-year-old kids that are reservists.  And if you think about it, you got a 45 to a 65-year-old one, two, three or four-star general that you're going to be talking to.  And you're 18 years old, just got out of high school, joined the army, and went through interrogator school.  What the hell you going to ask that 55-year-old general that's seen the world and done everything and been everywhere?  You know, these kids are intimidated as hell.  And the generals and the colonels and these older guys know it and it's like, they laugh at them. 

So I'm working this guy and not getting crap out of him.  His brother was also captured with him. 

So I went into the hallway and decided I would see what was going on with his brother.  There are six interrogation booths and each one has a two-way mirror so you can view what's going on with the interrogation. 

We got an army female and an army male playing grab-ass, and not asking the detainee questions. 

There was a guy coming on to a girl and the girl being receptive when they're supposed to be interrogating this schmuck.  And I said, "Hey, why don't we like switch guys."  So, this new detainee's in my booth and I says, "Listen, I've been sitting here for two hours, and I've actually been sitting here for two days because I was standing outside the two-way mirror watching you with the other guys.  Okay, I know you know all kinds of crap.  And I know that you're pulling a lot of bullshit on these army kids." 

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