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1 oga in 1B Shower not to be used until OGA is moved out 1A 34/5

04 Nov 2003

[ANTHONY DIAZ, SERGEANT MILITARY POLICE]  It was early in the morning, like 4:30, around that time, so everything was silent.  OGAs were, "Okay, we have another special prisoner here."  He was wearing only a shirt.  So he came in, he was shackled, handcuffed and everything, with a hood on.  When he came in, we didn't ask nobody who this guy was, what he did.  That wasn't our business.  Two soldiers took him straight to the shower where he was interrogated by one OGA.  He was there quite a while, I think he was there about an hour and a half.  All of a sudden the OGA guy opened the door and said, "Can you help me here?  Tie him a little higher, because he don't want to cooperate."  Now, he's, I guess, you know he was just sagging. 

[JEFFREY FROST, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE]  There were some CIA guys there, or I think they are CIA, well, yeah, they were, but at the time we didn't know what Agency they were with.  They asked us to handcuff him to the window so he has to hold himself up 'cause he was playing Possum.  And I'm just holding him by the jumpsuit.  I'm not holding him under the arms or anything.  And his jumpsuit is riding up his crotch and I commented and said, "Damn, this guy's pretty good at playing Possum 'cause I know I'd be howling like whatever with this riding up my crotch like his jumpsuit was."  Everybody just kind of laughed and nobody really thought anything of it, and I remember how far back his arms were going, and it was just really an awkward position, and I again was like, "You know, this guy is pretty damn good 'cause his arms are almost about to break and I'm surprised they haven't broken.  I'm waiting for the pop."  And then all of a sudden, just like, I guess blood started pouring out of his nose and mouth, so we realized that something was wrong. 

[ANTHONY DIAZ, SERGEANT MILITARY POLICE]  That's when I went and raised the hood.  And that's the first time I saw his face.  I was surprised because his face was totally messed up. 

He's got a huge black eyes with bruises everywhere.  And it was like, "Whoa!  What happened to this guy?" 

And one of his eye was open, so I kind of did the thing like here so he could move his eyes, and nothing, he was just looking down like this. 

And I was like, "Whoa!  This guy is not even alive." 

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