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This whole time we were messing with this guy, you know, carrying him and lifting him, and this entire time the guy was dead.  I even got some blood on my uniform, 'cause he was dripping. 

I kind of felt bad, you know, 'cause I know I'm not part of this but it kind of make you feel like you are 'cause you're there with the guy.  Colonel Jordan, he was in charge of the M.I.s.  He came in, the medics came in, Captain Reese came in, Captain Brinson, First Sergeant, Sergeant Snyder, everybody showed up.  You had the entire chain of command right there trying to figure out what was going on. 

[JEFFREY FROST, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE] We checked on him and sure enough he had died. 

And I walked out of the room, just kind of like "Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo." 

Like nothing happened.  And then I asked one of the CIA agents, and I was like "Well, what do you guys normally do in a situation like this?"  So they were kind of like, not panicky but, you know, they were on their phones calling whoever to see what to do or whatnot.

What do we do with him?  We can't take him out in a body bag because that may start a riot. 

So we had to keep him there overnight. 

And so we got a body bag, got a bunch of ice, iced him down, left him in the room where he was at, and then we shut and locked the door.

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