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It was kind of obvious after you just kept looking that there was no way he died of a heart attack. 

Q.  You got into trouble because of the thumb.

[SABRINA HARMAN, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE]  I can understand.  It does look really bad.  But whenever I would get into a photo, I never know what to do with my hands.  Any kind of photo, I probably have a thumbs-up 'cause it's just something that automatically happens.  Like when you get into a photo, you want to smile.  It's just, I guess, something I do.

[JAVAL DAVIS, SERGEANT MILITARY POLICE] He was a ghost detainee so he wasn't supposed to be there.  They didn't want him to be in there when The Red Cross came, so they had to do something.  So, someone came up with the idea to take him out of the body bag, dress him in the orange jumpsuit, put his dead body on a gurney, stick an IV in his dead arm, and take him out of the facility. 

From that point on, we never heard anything of it.  It was just, the guy died, they put him in the body bag, put him on a gurney, he was gone, go about your business.  Keep working.  Disappear.  Dissolved into thin air.  Whooosh! 

[SABRINA HARMAN, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE] They tried to charge me with destruction of government property, which I don't understand, and then maltreatment, of taking the photos of a dead guy.  But, he's dead.  I don't know how that's maltreatment.  And then, altering evidence for removing the bandage from his eye to take a photo of it. And then I placed it back.  When he died, they cleaned him all up, and then stuck the bandages on.  So it's not really altering evidence, because they had already done that for me. 

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