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 [TIM DUGAN, CIVILIAN INTERROGATOR CACI CORPORATION]  One of the things an interrogator does every time, is the last paragraph of all your reports, is you evaluate the truthfulness and reliability of the information that was just given you.  That's the very last paragraph of every report you ever write.  So, if I get information through torture I have no way to verify anything because I would just assume that you are going to tell me whatever the hell you want so the pain will stop.  But if I give you some carrots, and I give you some reasons to cooperate with me, usually you are going to get more righteous information. 

[JANIS KARPINSKI, BRIGADIER GENERAL, 800TH MP BRIGADE] General Sanchez routinely subjected Colonel Pappas to this fingerpointing, poking a finger in his chest and saying, "I want Saddam.  Find Saddam.  Find Saddam. 

Do you understand me?  Find Saddam.  Find Saddam at whatever the cost." 

If you poke your finger in somebody's chest long enough, they'll do whatever they need to do to get you to stop doing that. 

It's a downward spiral.  "This isn't working, try this.  This worked in GTMO.  This worked in Bagram.  Try this.  It's okay." 

It doesn't stop the mortars.  It doesn't get the information they want.  And it doesn't find Saddam. 

There wasn't any information they obtained in any interrogation or interview out at Abu Ghraib.  It was soldiers on the ground who found Saddam.

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