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[MEGAN AMBUHL GRANER, SPECIALIST MILITARY POLICE] My husband is in prison right now. 

And I can't move on from this until he comes home.  So, that's pretty difficult. 

This huge political monster caused Lynndie England 3 years, Ivan Frederick 8 years, and my husband 10 years. 

[BRENT PACK, ARMY SPECIAL AGENT, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION] When I went through Desert Storm we were seen as the rescuers, the heroes.  Our mission was to reclaim Kuwait.  That was something that was honorable. [LC-1]  This war in Iraq, like Vietnam, will probably get remembered as the one time we were not the heroes, we were not the saviors.  And these photographs will play a big part in that.  War is a stressful time for people.  They were getting shelled on a frequent basis at that prison.  A young person with no experience in the world being thrown into something like that may get confused.  We all see hindsight as 20-20 and I'm sure they all look back realizing what happened was wrong, and they played a part in something that was very embarrassing for the country, but at the time they were in a war zone where the rules get fuzzy sometimes.  Lynndie England, I really feel sorry for that gal.  It's obvious she is one of those young people that doesn't have much experience in life.  There had been no indication that she would have been involved in anything like this, but she was in love.  Ambuhl, she, well, she knew when the line was drawn and when it was time for her to disappear, because she would be present during some things and noticeably absent during others.  So she was probably one of the smarter ones. 

[LYNNDIE ENGLAND, PRIVATE FIRST CLASS MILITARY POLICE] In the pictures that came out in the media, all you seen was me. 

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