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The guys are naked, the guys are in women's panties, guys handcuffed in stress positions, you know, in isolation cells, no lights, no windows.  You open a door, turn the light on, "Oh, my God!  Allah!"  Click.  Turn the light off.  Close the door.  It was like, "Whoa, what is that?"  He was like, "That is military intelligence, you know, just stay out of their way."  And from then on, I'm like, "Something's not right here." 

[LYNNDIE ENGLAND, PRIVATE FIRST CLASS MILITARY POLICE]  I was working in Operations.  Some nights I would get off work at 10:00.  Some nights I'd be working all night.  It depends on how many prisoners we got in.  Sometimes we'd get up to 200 that evening, and I'd be there until 6:00 the next morning, and then I had guard duty at 6:00 a.m., and then get off guard duty, get a couple of hours sleep, and then go back to work. 

Usually I would go over to the Hard Site after my work day ended. 

You know, it would just be Megan and Graner and Freddie maybe up in the office watching a movie on his laptop. 

Some nights I would go up there and there would be different people in stress positions here and there, and got 'em up there on boxes doing squats, or running up and down the tier or something.  We thought it was unusual and weird and wrong but when we first got there, the example was already set.  That's what we saw.  I mean, it was okay! 

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