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Meanwhile, the "Report Those Who Threaten You" campaign met with particular success today --

[Montag] When an old woman, cousins, chose to be burned with her books rather than being separated from them.

[Jackie] If that's a joke, it's not in very good taste.

[Montag] You would like to think that, wouldn't you?

[Helen] Don't be silly, Montag. Things like that don't happen.

[Montag] You mean, you don't want to hear about it. I saw it!

[Jackie] Well my husband says --

[Montag] Oh, your husband! You don't even know where he is, your husband!

[Linda] Montag!

[Jackie] Of course I know. He's been called on reserve for some field training.

[Montag] Or to fight a little war perhaps. You never know, do you?

[Jackie] Why do you call it that? Even if he was, what about it? He's not allowed to call me until it's all over. It'll only be about a week or two.

[Doris] Anyway he'll be all right. The point about wars is, if you want to call them that, it's only other women's husbands who get killed in them.

[Helen] That's true. I never knew anyone who got killed in a -- Not anyone whose husband died like that.

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