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[Captain] I see. A little young for him ... I'd say.

[Montag] He's her uncle.

[Captain] Friends of yours?

[Montag] Oh, no, sir. I know them slightly. They live nearby.

[Captain] Ah. And you'd like their house, is that it?

[Montag] Yes, sir, that's it.

[Captain] Well, the house will have to be requisitioned, but you can't move in until the niece has been arrested too.

[Montag] Oh, she -- She's still at large then?

[Captain] For the moment, yes. Well, uh, look at the identification. It hasn't been stamped yet. Oh, come, come. It's just a matter of a day or two. We'll get you your house. Hmm? How did you get in?

Oh, now, what's all this about? Hmm? Still shaky? You shouldn't have come in. Look at you.

You look like death. Some fresh air, that's what you need. A nice bit of fresh air, that'll put you right again. Incidentally, if you see that niece wandering about this part of the world, you might let us know. It might expedite the matter of the house.

[Montag] Of course, sir.

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