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[Clarisse] They are books. Each one, men and women, everyone, commits a book they've chosen to memory, and they become the books. Of course, every now and then, someone gets stopped, arrested. Which is why they live so cautiously. Because the secret they carry is the most precious secret in the world. With them, all human knowledge would pass away. You must come with me.

[Montag] Oh, no, not yet. Uh, it is too soon for me. I was still burning books. Yes, in time, perhaps. But now everything in my life has suddenly changed.

I must stay in the city. I have a plan. I will hide a book in every fireman's house and then denounce him. The system will eat itself. We must burn the pyromaniacs out.

[Siren passing]

[Montag] Now we have to go. Separately. You to your Book people and me to strip this off. We shall see each other again.

[Clarisse] No, we shan't. Why pretend we shall?

[Montag] You are right. We shan't.

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