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[Montag] Oh, no. Not yet. An officer has to -- I'm going to be promoted soon.

[Clarisse] Even with my eyes closed, I could tell what you do for a job.

[Montag] Because of the smell of kerosene?

[Clarisse] Huh.

[Montag] Quite a scent, isn't it? My wife doesn't like it very much. She says it lingers. I don't mind. I think of it as a ... perfume.

[Clarisse] Perfume?

[Montag] Yes, a perfume, like any other.

[Clarisse] I don't think I've seen your wife. What's she like?

[Montag] She's rather like you, except her hair is long.

[Clarisse] Rather like me?

[Montag] Quite like you.

[Clarisse] [Laughs] Tell me, that number you all wear, what's it mean?

[Montag] Oh, Fahrenheit 451.

[Clarisse] Why 451 rather than 813 or 121?

[Montag] Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which book paper catches fire and starts to burn.

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