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[Montag] Linda, how many of these pills have you taken today?

[Linda] What's that?

[TV continues]

[Linda] Oh, those. Help yourself. I've got another bottle full.

[Montag] How many have you had?

[Linda] Oh, don't carry on like that. Only a few. Anyway, tonight's special for me.

[TV continues]

[Linda] I've got a part in The Family.

[TV continues, indistinct]

[Montag] What?

[TV Announcer] Our campaign against the enemies of the public peace is gaining momentum. Today's figures for operations in the urban area alone account for the elimination of the total of 2,750 pounds of conventional editions. Eight hundred and thirty-six pounds of first editions and 17 pounds of manuscripts were also destroyed. Twenty-three antisocial elements were detained, pending re-education.

[Linda] Did you see that? Cousin Claudette's got a bouffant tonight.

[Montag] Who?

[Linda] Cousin Claudette.

[Montag] Who is Cousin Claudette?

[Linda] The cousin announcer. The one you don't like.

[Montag] I don't like any of them.

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