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[Linda] Why don't you get the kitchen family fixed? You are awful, Montag, really.

[TV chiming]

[Linda] Oh, hurry, hurry! I'll be on in a minute! Quickly! Quickly!

[TV theme]

[Montag] I don't understand. How can you be in a play?

[Linda] They've written a play, you see, with one part missing. That's me. When the people look at me, then I have to speak. They ask me a question, and I have to say what I think.

The play, it's beginning.

[TV Announcer] And now, for cousins everywhere, Our Family Theater. "Come Play With Us."

[Linda] [Flicking lighter]

[[TV Announcer] Naturally, in what you are about to see any similarity with the truth or with real life will be purely coincidental. Do bear that in mind. So, will you come play with us?

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