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You will? Good! I thought you would. Come in, cousins. Be one of the family.

[Musical Segue]

[Bernard] Charles, you do realize what a dilemma this is? It's terribly difficult. I don't see any way out of it at all.

[Charles] Come, come, Bernard. Of course there's a way out. Now there are 13 of us so far, right? You want to invite Edward, which makes 14.

[Bernard] But if somebody's ill, Charles, then we should be back to 13 again.

[Charles] Precisely. Then we must invite more people.

[Bernard] That's an idea.

[Charles] Now what about Lottie and James? That'll make 16. Then if somebody's ill, well at least we won't be 13, will we?

[Bernard] Hmmm. But then there's the problem of the rooms, Charles. Lottie has two children, Charles, two little boys: Freddie and little John.

[Charles] I don't see any problem there at all. We can put the two in children, well, in Helen's room for instance.

What do you think, Linda?


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