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[Fireman Instructor] That will do for today. Go back to your desks.

Now what's this? I thought I told you two I did not want to see you sitting next to each other.

Or didn't I make it clear enough the first time? Yes, you! You know what I mean. Come and sit here.

[Montag] Let us review yesterday's lesson. We studied how to detect books hidden during the actual construction of the house. This is somewhat rare because it's very costly; for its floors, for its ceilings. We also studied concealment inside furniture.

[Intercom] Trainee firemen Stoneman and Black are to report to Captain's office immediately. I repeat, trainee firemen Stoneman and Black are to report to the Captain's office immediately.

[Door opens, closes]

[Montag] We were discussing concealment inside furniture.

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