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[Captain] Like gymnastics, Montag?

[Montag] Yes, sir.

[Captain] And what about hockey? Do you like hockey?

[Montag] Yes, I do, sir.

[Captain] And golf?

[Montag] Golf. Very much, sir.

[Captain] Hmm? And football?

[Montag] Wonderful, sir.

[Captain] Billiards? Basketball?

[Montag] Oh, they're all very fine sports, sir.

[Captain] Then increase the dosage. More sports for everyone, hmm? Strengthen the group spirit. Organize the fun. Hmm? Just keep them busy, and you keep them happy. That's what matters. Hmm. Am I right?

[Montag] Absolutely, sir.

[Captain] Well, shall we talk a little about this promotion of yours? You have mentioned the possibility to your wife I suppose?

[Montag] Yes, sir.

[Captain] And her reaction?

[Montag] Uh, she thought, sir, we might be able to have a second wall-screen, sir.

[Captain] Oh, you only have the one wall converted. I see. These matters of promotion are much more important to a married man, aren't they?

[Montag] I guess so, sir.

[Captain] Montag ... you have no children, I believe.

[Montag] No, sir. We have no children.

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