5 Easy Measures to Enhancing Your Security Guard Service

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5 Easy Measures to Enhancing Your Security Guard Service


When property managers employ safety guard businesses they have a image in mind of what their contract security force will appear like, but also typically what they get is not what they pictured. What we have found is that most security guard businesses are capable of giving the service that house managers want, but also typically do not because of a lack of ongoing high-quality handle procedures.

Security guard companies are unlike any vendor that a home manager typically hires. If you employ a painter, you can see irrespective of whether or not they are doing their jobs by looking at the walls. But when you hire a safety guard firm, how frequently can you see whether or not the guard enterprise is performing their job which includes operating background checks and drug screenings, delivering excellent education for your guards, and successfully monitoring and supervising your guards. In most instances they likely are, but it is vital to implement a technique of verification and high-quality control to make sure that problems connected with the lack of performing these jobs do not commence to take place.

In this post we will talk about 5 (five) simple steps to enhancing your security guard service and reaching what you image as your perfect safety guard force.

Screen Your Guards Qualifications

In quite a few states, guards are mandated to have a specified amount of education ahead of they can commence functioning as security guards. If your state is 1 of these states, guarantee that your security guard business is compliant.

If you are in a state where there are no state requirements for guard certification, then investigate the variety of training that is being supplied by your security organization and ask your self does it look adequate.

Furthermore, is your safety guard enterprise performing background and drug screenings on all your guards Just before they send them to your home? If they are, they must be providing you with verifications. If not, why?

Another great way to screen no matter if the guard is a excellent match for your house is to conduct a brief “interview” to get a feel for the guard and to explain your expectations. This initial conversation can tell you a lot about what to anticipate from that guard and it provides you a possibility to request a distinct guard if you really feel that it is essential.

Assess Guard Education

Even though most security guard firms have a really thorough orientation that introduces each and every guard to the business itself, in numerous circumstances the guard’s orientation to his assigned house is not as comprehensive. We contact the orientation for the assigned property “Web page Certain Training”. Uncover out what your web page specific education appears like:

• Does it happen at your house?
• Who does the instruction?
• How lengthy is each and every new officer educated?
• How extended does the safety organization double bank? (Double banking is the process of possessing a veteran guard functioning at the very same time as the new guard.)

• How thoroughly are your post orders explained?

Identify the answer to every single of these questions and make confident that they fit with what you feel is adequate. You should even look at sitting in on your safety guard company’s orientation and your internet site precise coaching to get an understanding of what goes into preparing a guard to operate at your home.

Review Your Guard’s Supervision

Guard supervision is one particular of the much more vital variables of good security guard service. When security organizations provide poor supervision, there is not sufficient emphasis placed on stopping blunders, problems, and complaints. Lack of supervision also removes the chance for the guard to understand and improved comprehend their duties. If the guards are not becoming supervised, they commence to really feel that their perform is not essential and they begin to see themselves as much less of a portion of the security team. When guards do not feel like portion of your team it typically leads to unacceptable practices such as unprofessional behavior, tardiness, and even theft.

Based on the structure of your contract, on-site supervisors may not be integrated. If your contract does not require on-site supervision, how does your security guard organization remotely supervise its guards? Outside of the normal security business field supervisor spot checks, the two approaches of remote supervision that prove most prosperous are:

1. Officer Tour Tracking Systems
two. Officer Check-Ins

If your guards are essential to make rounds of your home, then a method for tracking them when on duty is vital. Officer Tour Tracking Systems deliver a remote way of monitoring the guards when they are on your house. These tracking systems enable the security guard business to monitor the time and log the activity of the guards though they are generating rounds to several locations on your home. Most Officer Tour Tracking Systems can produce reports that allow the security guard business to swiftly get an understanding of regardless of whether the guard is creating rounds. The house manager really should also be offered with an abridged version of these reports. Companies of such systems consist of Deggy and Timekeeping Systems, Inc.

In addition to Officer Tour Tracking systems, we have found that obtaining a program for guards to check in consistently with the safety guard corporation delivers a way of creating certain that every single guard is secure and alert. By obtaining Female close protection officer verify-in routinely with the safety guard firm, at least just about every 30 minutes, guards really feel that their safety is significant and that becoming awake and alert is an crucial component of their job.

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