Choosing Artwork For Your Room

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Choosing Artwork For Your Room


Are you looking to spruce up your home with a new piece of artwork? Be it a sculpture, a painting or handiwork, your space will certainly benefit from having an attractive art piece. Yet, it is not good enough to simply find a good looking piece and have it thrown into your space. Instead, a good art piece needs to match the interior design of the space. Failure to integrate an art piece correctly would see a devalue in the appearance of both the art piece and the space.

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As a long time framing services specialist, we find that when sourcing for artwork, it is important to first consider the interior design of your space. The art piece should match existing furniture, colour schemes and even the lighting of the space. In this short article, we will be exploring how these 3 aspects in your space affect your art piece and what to look out for.

Colour Scheme and Tones

The general colour scheme of the space is also an additional crucial factor. You do not want to choose art pieces which have primary colours that conflict with the colours of your wall surfaces, decorations and furnishings. To pick art work that really complements the colour scheme of your area, you can use some fundamental techniques from colour theory.

The first is to select comparable colours; this indicates choosing colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. If your room features mainly cozy colours, choose artwork that is created in red, orange or yellow. The second technique is to select complementary colours, which are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. For instance, if your space features several greens, select art work that includes dynamic reds.

Furniture & Furnishings

The kind and amount of furniture in a space can greatly influence its general appearance. As an example, a couple of furniture pieces in black and white can assist to create a minimalist style, while a room overruning with heirlooms and vintages is likely to have a more classic feeling. Therefore, you must ensure that whatever art work you pick meshes well with the current style of the space. A modern abstract item might look better in a minimalist-themed space than an elaborate oil paint.

Lights, Illumination and Natural Lighting

Lastly, you need to take into consideration the illumination layout of the space. Besides assisting you establish which art work will look the best in a specific area of the space, it will likewise aid you consider where to feature the art work and install after you have acquired it. Excellent application of lights will boost the whole interior decoration of the space and give it a much more pleasant feeling.

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