Is Your Website Getting Exposure On Google?

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Is Your Website Getting Exposure On Google?


Online search engines such as Google are complicated formula systems that establish the position of internet sites to be presented for a given search term. A number of different variables are used for ascertaining your website’s rankings. This extends from its speed to mobile responsiveness, from crawling to the onsite framework.

Which Web Design Platform Is Right for You?

As a website design Singapore agency, one question that we often ask our clients is whether their website is appearing on Google searches. Afterall, the given the sheer volume of websites in the world, it should come as no surprise to you that the majority of them are not displayed on Google. This means that much less traffic arrives on their website, thus making it way less effective.

What is Killing Your Website’s Visibility

Below are 4 issues that could be obstructing your web site from being ranked on Google search results pages. We strongly advise that you investigate your website to find any of these issues and to take immediate action to rectify them. If you are fortunate, once the issue is resolved, you could see your website immediately appearing on Google and thus having more traffic incoming.

Repeated or Duplicated Pages

At times, web site proprietors make the mistake of creating 2 pages with the same URLs. Your website’s CMS would immediately modify the URL when this takes place. As an example, “2” might be added to the end of the URL. When this occurs, an inferior individual experience is produced.

While your web site’s navigation would have the ability to operate as per typical, it is sub-optimal for internet search engine. Given that your URL comprises a substantial part of internet search engine visibility, having near similar URLs would puzzle crawlers.

Page Load Times

Load time is absolutely essential on your web site, being a substantial component of your website’s search engine exposure. Not only is page load time crucial for user experience, but it can make or break your internet site’s success. This is especially so for mobile users who have restricted data transfer rate.As a rule of thumb, if your websites takes greater than 3 secs to load, then there is a need for renovation.

Pages that are Orphaned

Orphan web pages technically exist on your website and can be crawled by search crawlers. However, there are no web links or user journey paths from other parts of the web site to it. This means that unless individuals get in from this web page, they would have no way of getting to it. As a result, Google bot crawlers can get confused by such isolated pages and thus infer that the website has a poor user journey.

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