Reducing The Charges On A Car Rental

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Reducing The Charges On A Car Rental


When renting a car from a rental company, the price that you are charged is often a full package price. This means that it encompasses several different components which you may or may not actually need. As such, by looking at the individual parts of the bill, you may be able to request a wavier on some of these components or a removal of unneeded parts.

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In this way, the overall cost of the rental can be brought down without much compromise of the value you will be getting out of the exchange. If you are looking for a car rental in Singapore then this article is for you. In it, we will be covering 3 sneaky ways in which you can look to deconstruct the bundled price and only pay for what you need.

Extra vehicle driver fee

Bonus costs commonly apply for added vehicle drivers. Nonetheless in some nations and states spouses are mandated added vehicle drivers by law. However, you must include the extra vehicle driver’s name to the agreement to make any required insurance coverage claims legitimate.

Once again, if you can manage with having only one designated vehicle driver you’ll generally conserve $15 daily. Naturally, never run the risk of vehicle driver exhaustion, a few additional dollars are absolutely nothing when it concerns your safety and that of others when driving!

Additional state taxes and charges

If you go across state boundaries or get in one more country, be conscious of extra state tax obligations and fees that might use. When in doubt, let the car rental company know of your intended itinerary and they will advise you on what additional charges may be levied. Do not lie regarding where you are driving the automobile, because if you have a problem you most likely won’t be covered by the insurance policy!

Decline the GPS

If the car navigating system is an additional add on, skip it and utilize the Google maps application on your phone to save $10-$ 15 per day. We often do that with no problems. Furthermore, Google maps includes many other user generated perks such as destination ratings and reviews which could be highly useful.

Save on Insurance policy

If you make use of a specific credit card to pay for your rental automobile, you may not require to get the insurance coverage, as the credit card company does that for you. Ask your card provider before you travel, and you must use that card to reserve the rental.

Also, check with your present car insurance provider to see whether a rental automobile in foreign countries would be covered under your current policy. Once again, call your insurance policy provider to see if extra insurance is also necessary. Neverever just presume you’re covered, but nor is there a reason to purchase the same insurance plan if you are already covered.

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