The Critical Function of Metal Stamping Dies

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The Critical Function of Metal Stamping Dies


Metal stamping dies are the devices used in metal stamping machines. Each metal stamping machine can have a single or much more than one dies depending on the kind of machine. Dies are the major components in metal stamping machines that do the actual casting, punching, cutting and shaping of the metal sheet.

The basic die operations are drawing, shearing and bending. In metal stamping, the metal sheets are placed in a die or a press tool which has a specially made cavity that provides the preferred shape to the metal sheet. The upper part of the die connects to the press slide when the reduced element connects to the press bed. A certain component identified as the punch pushes the metal sheet through the die, hence performing the actual shaping operation. The patterns on the dies can be used to emboss or give three-dimensional lettering on the final item.

Dies are placed in sheet metal panels either alone or as a series of presses in a press line. Metal stamping dies and presses can have diverse input variables on the bases of tonnage, press parallelism, shut height, nitrogen pressure in dies, counterbalance pressure and press speed. These variables can influence the top quality of the stamping panel, especially throughout die setup. The similar stamping press can be reused by replacing a single set of dies with one more.

The placement of dies in a press is recognized as die setup. Metal Stamping Parts decides the shut height and binder force. The quantity of components produced in a die setup is recognized as a batch.

There are lots of various sorts of dies such as single station dies, many station dies, compound dies, progressive dies and tandem press lines. Most dies are created by the metal stamping providers who use sophisticated technologies like CAD to design them according to client specifications. Yet another classification of dies is draw dies, trim dies and cam-pierce dies.

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