The Future of Jeans for Baby Boomers

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The Future of Jeans for Baby Boomers


Do you have one or additional pairs of jeans hidden away that are as well smaller for you? Someday you will lose weight and match into them.

Throw them out now!

Throw 20% coupon & 10% Prime Discount out since jeans are a contemporary classic and they can go from casual to formal. Infant Boomers are changing jeans. It is an offshoot of the anti-aging revolution. Ladies of all ages want to put on flattering and comfortable garments and retailers are responding to this huge marketplace. Contemporary technologies is getting incorporated into contemporary jeans in methods that your old stretch jeans would not recognise.

New shapes and styles in jeans utilized to cater only for the young – think low-rise, skinny jeans. As Infant Boomers age, they do not want to be restricted to wide baggy jeans. We want to look slim, smart and trendy when nevertheless becoming comfortable. Seeking sensual is superior and no woman more than 40 wants to show her underwear when she sitx or bends.

The very first attempts by some retailers to money in on slimming jeans had been laughable. Ladies had been not fooled. As Child Boomers, we want products that perform. No longer are girls restricted to only their own country’s merchandise. Travel, the Online and the availability of actual-time foreign magazines, all imply that girls are greater informed and extra able to shop anyplace in the planet.

Here is my quick update on how jeans are altering to cater for, and tap into, the Infant Boomer market. For those retailers who succeed they will have the on-going custom of a incredibly profitable market place.

The Future of Jeans in the USA

In the US, a single of the very first retailers to seriously cater to the Child Boomer market place was Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. They nonetheless do and fairly successfully.

Chicos claim their new jeans have unique interior stitching from hip to hip for super slimming. Overlook the words. They need to work as they had been named by Oprah magazine in February 2013 as the All Round Finest Slimming Jean. In addition, some of their jeans and pants also have flat front seams to slim and lengthen your legs. This is the contemporary version of how we used to iron our pants and jeans to produce that flattering vertical line.

Nordstrom have Second Yoga Straight Leg Jeans that stretch diagonally as we move in all directions. They also have a new waistband that does not show your undies as you bend or sit. The reviewers of these jeans are aged from 50 – 64 which indicates that it is a contemporary jeans style for Infant Boomers.

The Future of Jeans in Australia

In Australia, Diana Ferrari has a pair of jeans named Kimberley which is a slim leg jegging with mock pockets. W Lane has comfort slim jeans and Jag has higher-rise slim jeans and ankle-grazers. Slim jeans are the flattering, modern day and comfy version of the Gen Y skinny jeans. Your favourite brand or store has most likely got a version of them.

How to Put on the New Slim-Leg Jeans

Put on ankle-length, slim jeans with flatties to generate a classic appear. Put on them with medium to higher heels as this is the new modern day classic appear. Locate examples of these on the Chicos site or in the Vol 21 No 7 edition of Australian Stitches magazine. If neither of these appeal to you, you can lengthen the jeans to heel length if that creates a slimmer, leaner line for you.

Final Words

New designs, supplies and shapes are frequently being developed so you can appear slimmer without having losing weight. Even if you choose to take off weight, throw out these saved jeans and embrace the future of jean technology.

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