Tips on Taking Care of Your Hard Hat Lights

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Tips on Taking Care of Your Hard Hat Lights


Hard Hat Lights are ultimately the most-used portable lights available in the market. As much as it could provide sufficient light source, hard hat lights also allow you to do things you need to do because there is no need to hold it. You can utilize it when working in a field or even from doing simple tasks you have at home. However, using it daily degrade its quality and components.

Here are some of the proper ways to use and prolong your most used hard hat lights:

  • Inspect the Hat Regularly

Similar to all light sources and objects, the usability of hard hat lights degrade over time. With this, it is necessary to check its primary components to guarantee safety and efficiency before usage. When checking the hat’s shell, one must observe the visibility of cracks, dents, and damages. At the same time, changes in the physical appearance of the shell, such as color dullness and fading, stiffness, and brittleness, could signify that it is already damaged. Thus, you must stop using the hard hat light since it already needs a replacement.

  • Preserve the Suspension or Headband

Whenever someone is working, traveling, or doing some active activities, it is hard to avoid sweat soaking into the hat’s headband. At the same time, most suspensions are made of elastic textiles to give an adaptable and comfortable feel to its users when used. To reduce the speed of headband aging, avoid hanging the hard hat lights when storing. This way, the band will preserve its elasticity for more extended use.

  • Avoid Exposure to Ultraviolet Light, if possible

Most hard hat lights are made out of thermoplastic materials. As a result, its lifespan deteriorates faster upon exposure to too much sunlight. If you are working in a field or using the hard hat lights during daylight, professionals advise you to change your hats every two years. By doing so, you are guaranteed to have sufficient protection and safety to avoid any accidents.

Proper storage must also be observed to avoid overexposure to sunlight. The owner must not place and store the hats near windows when it is not in use. Similarly, overexposure to extreme temperatures could cause fading on the hat’s color, indicating its deterioration.

  • Never Use Stickers on Your Hat

Some may argue that putting stickers will not affect a hat’s longevity and performance. However, putting stickers may cover present damages on the hat that could prevent you from noticing its deterioration. Thus, it limits you from your ability to inspect the hats properly.

  • Check the Light’s Brightness Regularly

LED lights are often used on hard hat lights because it is cost-efficient and trendy. At the same time, LED bulbs also offer premium quality light source. However, despite the dominance of LED, you should not forget to check the light’s quality before and after using it.

The lights could become cloudy and dirty after some time. As a result, the bulbs may seem to be foggy and yellowish. If this case happens to you, you can give a simple fix using a restoration kit or have them done by professionals.

Also, the lights dim over time naturally. If you notice that the hard hat light doesn’t give you sufficient light sources as before, it may be the right time to change the bulbs or the hat itself.

  • Never Alter the Hat’s Components

To ensure that you get the utmost protection, you should not change and modify the structure of the hat. Thus, you should not drill holes in the hat shell or remove the hat’s suspensions.

We understand that your hard hat lights are your best partners when working, traveling, and doing various activities. However, they will not last forever without proper care and precautions. By giving it good care, you are guaranteed to have a longer span of use with your hard hat lights. At the same time, having the best hard hat lights on the market will offer you with durable and long-lasting hats.

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